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Are you looking for a safe and effective treatment for your hyperhidrosis? Do you want to rid yourself permanently of your sweaty armpits? In that case, miraDry is the perfect treatment for you. The miraDry treatment is non-invasive, which means no surgical procedure is involved. It also offers a permanent solution for hyperhidrosis in the armpits.

On this page, you can read more about how our miraDry treatment works, about its results and possible side effects and about its pros and cons.

miradry permanente oplossing tegen zweten

Permanent solution

miraDry apparaat

No surgery needed

Overmatig zweten weg met gele vlekken

No more dirty stains

What is miraDry

A miraDry treatment is the perfect solution for hyperhidrosis. The miraDry system uses electromagnetic energy to generate heat in the area of the armpit where the sweat glands are located. This heat penetrates far into the skin and permanently eliminates the sweat glands. This means the results of the treatment are permanent. At the same time, a water-cooled cooling system is used to protect the skin against overheating. The so-called BioTip is a sterile cooling pack, which is replaced before every treatment. Numbing the skin beforehand ensures the treatment is virtually painless.  The recovery period after a miraDry treatment is very brief.

The treatment itself takes circa one hour. The entire visit – including the intake interview, administering anaesthesia and aftercare – takes roughly one and a half to two hours. The number of treatments required depends on the results of the initial treatment. On average, 82% of the sweat glands are eliminated during the first treatment. As sweat glands cannot regenerate, the production of sweat will be permanently stopped in the treated areas. Circa 80% of our clients experience a permanent reduction of their hyperhidrosis after only a single treatment.

The miraDry treatment

Before the treatment

A degree of preparation is required in order to perform the treatment properly and achieve the desired result. It is therefore important to shave your armpits a final time four to six days prior to your treatment. On the day of your treatment, some hair growth must be visible in order to accurately identify the area to be treated. Two days before your miraDry treatment, you must begin disinfecting your armpits twice daily using chlorhexidine or iodine. Make sure to pick up a few ice packs, paracetamol and (optionally) ibuprofen before your treatment.

The treatment

Before starting your treatment, the area to be treated is identified and marked. Next, a short and thin needle is used to administer anaesthesia in both armpits. This is virtually painless. The head of the miraDry applicator is then placed on your armpit. The device applies a bit of suction to your skin, after which you will feel some warmth and hear a soft noise. This process is repeated a number of times until the entire armpit has been treated. The system sends targeted electromagnetic pulses through your skin to eliminate your sweat glands.

miraDry behandeling tegen zweten

The miraDry

The miraDry treatment uses clinically proven technology to permanently eliminate the sweat glands and the production of sweat in the armpits. No surgery is required for the treatment. The water-cooled system protects the skin and ensures that only the sweat glands are exposed to miraDry’s heat.


After the miraDry treatment, the skin is carefully cleaned and ice packs are placed in your armpits. You will then be given two tablets of paracetamol to take.


For the first few days after your treatment, it is important to cool the treated skin with ice packs. This helps prevent swelling and pain. You can wrap a towel around the ice packs to keep your skin from freezing. It is important to keep your skin cool for at least two days after your treatment. We will give you two ice packs, but we recommend getting a few of your own as well. This ensures you always have enough ice packs available.

Aftercare tips

  • For the first week after your miraDry treatment, wash your armpits twice daily with a mild soap and disinfect them after washing with chlorhexidine or iodine.
  • Do not shave your armpits until the skin is no longer swollen or sensitive.
  • For the first few days, wear loose-fitting clothes. Tight-fitting clothes may irritate the skin of your armpits.
  • Generally speaking, you will not need any deodorant after your treatment. If you do wish to use deodorant, you must wait at least one week before doing so.
  • It is important to avoid exercise or strenuous physical activity for the first few days after your treatment.
  • For the first two days after your treatment, you must take two 500-mg tablets of paracetamol four times a day. In some cases – e.g. if you are in a lot of pain – you can also take 200-mg or 400-mg tablets of ibuprofen.


The results of the miraDry treatment can be assessed after circa three months. During the first three months (sometimes longer), the sweat production in the area may increase or decrease. If the results of the treatment are insufficient, you can opt to come back for a second treatment. Around 90% of patients are satisfied with the results after their second treatment. Although a third treatment is possible, it is simply never necessary.

Side effects of miraDry

Any medical treatment can have side effects and the miraDry treatment is no exception. Luckily, these side effects are temporary and will go away on their own.

A number of side effects of the miraDry treatment are:

  • Swollen armpits
  • Swelling of the arm or chest
  • Numbness or tingling in the skin of the armpits or the arm
  • Redness or bruising in the armpits or the surrounding skin
  • Noticeable bumps under the skin
  • Darkening of the skin
  • A different sensation in the skin and around the treated area
  • Partial hair loss

These side effects are often mild and will go away after a few weeks. If the side effects persist or if you experience other symptoms after your treatment, it is important to let us know as soon as possible.  Contact us immediately if you experience:

  • Persistent tingling or numbness
  • Partial hair loss
  • A worsening of your symptoms, instead of a reduction
  • Severe swelling, redness or bruising that does not go down after two weeks
  • Muscle weakness in your arms or fingers
  • Infection, characterised by increased swelling, pain that does not respond to painkillers, fever and a warm feeling or redness in the surrounding area


You can contact us via 06 – 87 67 67 67 (call, text message or WhatsApp) or via email: info@marcovancoevorden.nl.

miraDry pros and cons

There are different methods that can be used to treat hyperhidrosis. Below, we have included a list of the pros and cons of the miraDry treatment, so you can make a well-considered choice for your preferred treatment.

miraDry pros

  • The treatment offers a permanent solution for hyperhidrosis
  • 82% reduction of sweat production after the first treatment
  • Gets rid of that unpleasant sweaty odour
  • The miraDry treatment has no permanent side effects


miraDry cons

  • The miraDry treatment is only suitable for your armpits
  • The treatment is not covered by your health insurance provider
  • The treatment costs
  • Compared to other treatments with temporary effects, the miraDry treatment is fairly costly.


miraDry costs


1st treatment

2nd treatment

3rd treatment


€ 1.500,-

€ 1.000,-

€ 750,-

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